29 Tips for Building Effective Landing Pages

Landing page imageBuilding effective landing pages is a science as well as an art.  Marketo, Hubspot, and Which Test Won have all put out a lot of great, scientifically tested advice on how to build effective landing pages.  I’ve tried to summarize that information in this list with deep appreciation to those who did the heavy lifting.  I hope you find this list to be as helpful as I have.

The tips in this list are organized according to format, content, the form, and the thank you page.


  1. Make sure all of your content and form are above the fold. The visitor should not have to scroll down to see the content or form.

2.  Include a branding image in the top header, but make the header small enough so that all your information is above the fold.

3.  Use a 2 or 3 column layout.

4.  Include at least one image that relates to the offer on the page.

5.  Align the headers across the top of the page.  The header over the image of what’s being offered, body copy header, and form copy header should all be in alignment.

6.  Body copy and form length should be about equal. 

7.  Do not have links away from the page.  If you must have a link, then make sure that it opens into a new window and doesn’t take people away from your landing page.

8.  Use plenty of white space, and not too much copy.  Less is more.

9.  Do not use reverse type (white type on dark background).  It’s too hard to read.

10.  Generally put the form on the left hand side of the page, so that it’s not cut off if the viewer has a small screen.

11. Include sharing buttons, especially if you think your prospects may want to share your content or offer with their networks.

12. Include an opportunity to sign up for your email list.


 13.  Does the page pass the 5 second blink test?  Can you readily figure out what the offer is within 5 seconds?  Step back from the screen—can you figure it out then?

14.  Use action oriented verbs in your headlines.  Make sure the headline talks about the offer!  Body copy and form headlines should match or be very consistent.

15.  Make sure the offer is clear and compelling.  Try to personalize it wherever possible (say get your custom or personalized plan).

16.  Don’t use industry jargon or abbreviations—spell it out so that it’s perfectly clear.

17.  Include at least 3-5 bullet points to explain the value proposition–what the person will get or learn from the offer.  Explain what’s in it for them.

18.  Set expectations (e.g. when the person can be reached, how long it will take to get their customized plan).

19. Use bolding to emphasize key words.

20.  If you are going to include a video on the landing page:

  • Make it small, in the area where you would put an image so that it doesn’t distract from your offer copy and form.
  • Make it so that the video and sound don’t automatically come on and blow the person out.  Make them click to play it.

21.  Use trust symbols and/or testimonials to increase credibility and trust.

22.  Have a disclaimer on how people’s contact information will and will not be used.  This is a great way to allay concerns that people may have about giving you their contact information.

23. Close with an urgent call to action (CTA), e.g. Download your e-book today.

 The Form

24.  Generally, the fewer form fields the better. No more than eight fields.  If this is the beginning of the sales process, use as few fields as possible.  If it is deep into the sales process, use more fields.

25.  Use open ended boxes to find out what issues the prospect is dealing with.

26.  Your submit button should use an action verb that relates to the offer, e.g. Download Now, Send Me My Free Estimate, Sign up for the Webinar.  Don’t say “submit” or “click.”

27.  Don’t have partial questions in the form, spell it out completely.

 The Thank You Page 

28.  Always have a thank you page following (with a separate URL so that you can track conversions).

29.  Have your follow us link on the thank you page.

If you have any other suggestions, please comment. Happy landings!


About Karen Pelletier

Karen Pelletier is an independent Marketing Consultant. She has over 30 years of experience in consumer packaged goods, new product development, technology marketing, and Internet Marketing. She can be reached at kjpelletier@marketing-consultant-k-pelletier.com.
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